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YRNails shows you how to...

How to...Apply YRNails - Nail Decals - Video Tutorial

See this short video tutorial for a step-by-step guide on how to use our popular nail decals


How to...Apply YRNails - Full Wraps

Our wraps are super easy to use, and with the wide variety of design available, you can achieve a salon quality manicure at a fraction of the price tag!

Just follow this simple guide on how to use our wraps...then the tricky part - picking a design from the hundreds on offer!!

Make sure your nails are shaped and coated with a good basecoat (it is optional to colour co-ordinate your base, since our wraps are opaque the colour will not show)


First...Cut out the decal from the sheet of nail shaped decals

Then...Immerse the decal into warm water for 20-30 seconds

Next...Remove from the water and pat dry on a kitchen towel, now you need to slide the decal away from the backing paper

Your decal should feel soft and pliable - you are now going to position the decal onto the nail, apply the rounded end toward the cuticle and let the excess hang over the tip of your nail

Once you have your decal positioned onto the nail, smooth down and begin trimming the excess - it may be easier to file the decal away from the nail at the tip Repeat this for all nails - then apply two coats of topcoat (allow time to dry between coats)

Your finished mani with YRNails Full Nail Wraps...

Special thanks go to Wendy of Wendys Delights for the photos used in this tutorial