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Who and What is YRNails ??

With the huge range of products available, its not difficult to see how YRNails is the UK's biggest Nail Decal Store! We believe in providing our customers with a big selection and a top quality product. All of our decals are designed, manufactured and shipped from here within the UK.

We are a family business who are all mad about nail art so we really do care about our end user. We want all of our customers to feel valued and that's why we go the extra mile (all orders come with freebie testers so you can practice without using your purchased design, all orders shipped within 24 hours, beautifully packaged and most importantly top quality products at a fraction of salon prices). We also appreciate that not everybody is the same and quite frankly we love the fact that some of you are a bit odd and have very unique styles! That's why we here at YRNails offer a full custom bespoke service for a very reasonable price. Our in-house designers can work with you to create decals that suit your individual tastes and style (simply click the how to link above)

We also like to give! Its not all about making money for YRNails, that's why we constantly give back to the Nail Art community by offering our How To Tutorials, Top Trend Tips and general advice all for free throughout our website and social media networks (See our Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr links to the bottom right of this site)

I've still got questions! Who do I speak to??

No problem at all, we love to speak to our customers, that is what helps grow YRNails into a Nail Art store that covers everyone's needs as best as we possibly can!

Simply contact us on any of the following email addresses:
General information query -
Sales Enquiry -
How to Use the products -

Alternatively look for our live chat function on the homepage.

To all of you, from all of us at YRNails - Thank you and Happy Nail Art-ing!

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